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Sustainability at bookitgreen

Our pillars of sustainability

The sustainability of holiday accommodations on bookitgreen is based on two pillars.

These are a combination of already existing certificates in sustainable tourism and the 15 sustainability criteria, defined by bookitgreen.

Existing certificates in sustainable tourism

There are currently around 200 certificates worldwide that confirm the sustainability of holiday accommodation and are subject to regular reviews. Well-known certificates include the EU Ecolabel, the German organic seal, Viabono or Fairstay.

If a holiday accommodation has one of these certificates, it will be shown on bookitgreen. This will give guests a better idea of ​​the sustainability of the accommodation.

Here you can learn more about certificates in sustainable tourism.

Our 15 sustainability criteria

Every sustainable holiday accommodation must meet at least four out of 15 sustainability criteria of bookitgreen in order to be listed on bookitgreen. The sustainability criteria range from renewable energy over organic food to the avoidance of unnecessary waste. Further information and a specific presentation of our sustainability criteria can be found here.

Depending on how many sustainability criteria are met by an accommodation, it gets between one and five green leaves as an easy indicator on how sustainable the accommodation is.

The provided sustainability criteria are based on the statements of the accommodations themselves to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Compliance with sustainability criteria by the hosts is therefore provided by bookitgreen without guarantee.

The common goal of making the world a little bit greener with every holiday unites us all, and that is why we firmly believe that the information provided by the hosts is factual and that any discrepancies are not intentional.

If you notice incorrect information, please contact us anytime at

If you questions, ideas or feedback, feel free to send an e-mail to or just chat with us.