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By staying in an accommodation listed on bookitgreen, each traveler saves on average 90 litres of water and 6 kilograms of CO2 per night. However, we believe that we can make an even greater contribution to a greener planet.

Since approximately one and a half hectares of valuable forest area are cleared per second worldwide, we at bookitgreen want to do our part to counteract this devastating trend and simultaneously raise awareness of the importance of trees. You may not have been aware of how important trees are for our eco-system; the following list will give insight into why we find trees to be the secret heroes of the eco-system.


Number of trees planted by bookitgreen

We update this statistic every month to keep you up to date on how traveling with bookitgreen is helping the world’s rainforests grow.

For every accommodation on bookitgreen, we plant one tree with our partner Eden Projects per year.

Trees - the secret heroes of our eco-system

Trees produce breathable air

Trees give our air the oxygen we need to breathe. In one year, a hectare of land populated with mature trees can provide enough air supply for 18 people.

Trees reduce damage from droughts and flooding

The trees’ root system holds soil that would otherwise be washed away by heavy rainfall. During drought periods, they also serve as protection against hot and dry winds.

Trees purify the air

Trees not only filter dangerous particles from the air by trapping them in their bark and leaves, but also actively absorb harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, and ozone.

Trees fight water contamination

When rainfall penetrates the treetops, trees filter it naturally by passing it directly to their roots. In this way, they reduce the amount of precipitation that seeps away and drains pollutants into the sea.

Trees provide protection and a habitat for wildlife

Trees offer protection from the sun on hot days and can be used for shelter when it rains. They also house a variety of bird and animal species.

Trees supply food

A single fruit tree can yield over 100 kilograms of fruit per year and only requires a small plot of land. Fruit trees provide food for humans as well as birds and other wild animals.

Eden Projects

Eden Projects is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Steven Fitch in 2004, dedicated to the reforestation of the world’s poorest regions. In 2005, Eden Projects launched a pilot project in the Udo hills of Ethiopia, combating the clearing of much valuable forest area. By 2014, almost 16 million new trees had been planted there. In 2007, Eden Projects expanded its activities to Madagascar, where about 2.7 million new mangrove trees are being planted each month. In 2010, Eden Projects launched their first project outside of Africa with an initiative in Haiti, and in 2015 Eden Projects became active on Asian soil for the first time with a project in Nepal.

To date, Eden Projects has planted over 100 million new trees at its four project sites in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal. By 2020, this number is expected to be the minimum number of trees planted annually.

In addition to the ecological benefits, Eden Projects’ involvement also creates jobs in the poorest regions of the world. These guarantee the income of the inhabitants and offer them a long-term perspective. This provides a positive social aspect to the planting as well.